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Teacher Grace's Mendelssohn Prep - The Easy Way

Teacher Grace's Mendelssohn Prep - The Easy Way

TOP 3 THINGS YOU NEED to prepare for the Mendelssohn Concerto. 


Simple guide for the student who doesn't have time to studySevcik's Analytical Skills and prepare with loads of etudes, exercises, or caprices but need all the skills. 


1. Scales

2. Left Hand Tech

3. Right Hand Tech


And if you don't even have the time to fully study all the scales of Carl Flesh (meaning exercise 1-12 per scale), then I've broken it down to bare bones requirement. Literally just measures and a few lines of each exercises to get the skills plus how to apply them to daily practice with my "Example Practice Day".


Make sure to sign up for my Mendelssohn Masterclass to get in-depth look into the technical and artistic aspects of the concerto. 

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